Monday, June 21, 2004

High performance organizations

High performance organisations are success stories because of the effectiveness and efficiency in managing their operations. There are a number of factors that influence corporate performance.
Organisational, managerial, leadership and environmental factors have all been found to affect performance. Whatever definition one prefers, managing corporate performance poses a number of challenges for managers.
Managers at all levels need a clear set of performance indicators that will assist them in managing the business. Unfortunately, in many organisations, the issue of managing performance at all levels becomes critical only when the organisation is in a crisis.
A good performance measurement and management system should be derived from the company strategy and cascaded to the lowest level within the organisation. The approach that has been found to be very effective in managing performance is called the balanced scorecard.


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These initiatives can be supported by Scorecard Software, be it in strategy formation, communicating the strategy or measuring the execution.

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